Annual report 2018

In its 2018 annual report, Ordina presents the results for the past year and provides an account of its financial performance. Download below some highlighted parts or the complete annual report.

Interview Management Board

“Realising profitable growth is and will remain our key priority and we have made good progress on that front. In 2018, we saw a continuation of the upward trend that began in the second half of 2017. We recorded another increase in revenue and results and our five business propositions currently account for a third of our revenues. We also managed to improve our client satisfaction score. This gives us a solid foundation to help our clients stay ahead of the changes in their sectors.”

Key figures and five-year overview

Ordina presents its main figures 2018.

About Ordina

The steady rise of digitalisation means that the pace of change is now incredibly rapid and getting faster. Our clients have to respond quickly to changes in their market to make sure that they build or maintain a sustainable edge in the market. At Ordina, we are used to looking ahead to stay ahead of changes for our clients, thanks in part to our business propositions.

Our new pay-off – Ordina, Ahead of change – is a clear expression of our ambition to help our clients stay ahead of the changes in their business.

Corporate Social Responsibility

‘Partnerships in sustainable innovation’ is Ordina’s mission. We defined our sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) ambitions in our Sustainability strategy plan 2017-2020.

Financial statements 2018

Full download financial statements.

Annual report 2018

Full download annual report.