Organisational structure

In keeping with our beliefs and core values, we maintain the following principles in building and organising our Group and Participations: transparency in Organisational Management, thorough supervision by the Supervisory Board, sound Internal Control System and independence of the external auditors.

Management Board

The Management Board is responsible for the strategy and management of Ordina. The director of Delivery the Netherlands, the director of Commerce, the director of Belgium/Luxembourg and the HRM director report directly to the Management Board.

The Executive Committee (ExCo) is responsible for the day-to-day, operational management of Ordina. The ExCo consists of the members of the Management Board, the director Delivery the Netherlands, the director of Commerce, the director Belgium/Luxembourg, the director HRM and  the direct Portfolio & Business development.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board supervises the Company’s Management. From a strategic as well as operational perspective. This means that they closely monitor the following:

  • the realisation of objectives
  • the strategy and risks involved in the various activities
  • the set up and functioning of the Internal Risk Management System
  • evaluation and approval of the Financial Reporting on an annual basis compliance with laws and regulations

The complete list of duties and responsibilities of the Supervisory Board can be found in the Regulations.