Vision and strategy


Digitalisation helps organisations to remain relevant and agile. Now and in the future. This allows you to anticipate and respond more quickly to changes and ensures that you are able to gain and maintain a sustainable competitive edge, by working together in new digital ecosystems or making use of the power of disruptive technologies.

Staying ahead of change, sustainably. That is the core of what we stand for and everything we do. We are the business partner that uses digital strategies based on high performance teams to help our clients realise sustainable business transformations. And by doing so, remain ahead of change. We do this by connecting technology, business challenges and people. We help our clients to increase their speed, develop smart digital applications and launch new digital services. This is how organisations stay ahead of the game.

We see digitalisation as an enabler and game changer that gives organisations a long-lasting edge. This is why we provide innovative solutions that help people, society and companies move ahead. And we do this by forging partnerships in sustainable innovation with our clients.


From our vision of Ahead of Change, we are working on our strategy. In the coming years, Ordina wants to maintain and strengthen its position as a reliable business partner for large local companies and public sector organisations for client-specific IT services. This is why we are expanding our services to include distinctive niche solutions for specific sectors and client groups both within and outside Ordina’s current client portfolio.

Designing, developing and managing of IT solutions

As a digital business partner, we offer our clients a wide range of smart and innovative solutions for challenges in the fields of strategy, organisation and digitalisation. We do this by providing advice on the right digital end-to-end solutions, the development and implementation of sustainable software solutions, and by designing and managing IT landscapes. In short, we provide optimum solutions and platforms and the design and management of digital landscapes to help our clients stay ahead of change.

Satisfied, loyal clients

One of the pillars of our Ordina 2022 strategy is satisfied and loyal clients. This means that we make our clients the number one priority in everything we do. That sounds simpler than it is. If you want to really know and understand your client, their business, their processes, but also their people and their corporate culture, that requires engagement and empathy. This is why it is essential that have an in-depth understanding of the issues and problems our clients face. That we understand our clients’ business and the external developments they need to respond to.

Thanks to the way we work, we build in-depth business and industry know-how related to general digital themes and market themes that are specific to a particular business sector. Our clients benefit directly from this collective knowledge. And it helps us to understand our clients more quickly and provide them with a better level of service.

Ordina operates in the Benelux for local clients. We have built long-term client relationships in these markets with a balanced client base across industries. Because we work with local people, we are able to add value for local clients. Close to our clients.