Vision, strategy and core values

Technological developments such as cloud services, the Internet of Things, digital platforms, data analytics and virtual reality are radically changing the world we live and work in. The tempo is high. Anything devised today has an impact tomorrow.

Our vision

Technological developments drive innovation. And digitalisation helps you as an organisation to be relevant and agile for the world of today and tomorrow. It enables you to accelerate, to align your processes better and to optimise collaboration. And, not unimportantly, it opens new doors and takes your services to a higher level, and ensures your customers are more satisfied with your services.

Ordina is the right party for the job. We are the partner that helps you to realise your digital transformation and stay what we call Ahead of change. We do this by connecting technology, business challenges and people. We help you increase your speed, develop smart IT applications, launch new digital services and ensure that people embrace them. This is how we create a digital edge and ensure your organisation stays ahead of change.

We see IT as an enabler and game changer that makes digital transformation possible. We provide innovative solutions that help people, society and companies move ahead. And we do this by working together with our clients on sustainable innovation.


We are working on our Ordina 2022 strategy on the basis of our vision: Ahead of change. In the coming years, Ordina wants to maintain and strengthen its position as a reliable IT partner for client-specific services for the local large business sectors and public sector organisations.

This means that we are extending our services based on five business propositions, by adding distinctive niche solutions for existing and new clients. These solutions give us a recognisable face in the market.

De world around us and our strategy

As a local IT services provider, Ordina operates at the heart of society. We want to play a meaningful role for our clients, our people, our shareholders, our partners, our suppliers and society at large. We use developments in our field, the outcome of our stakeholder dialogue, our impact on three Sustainable Development Goals and the forces at play in our competitive environment as input for our strategy, which we have translated into four strategic pillars.

Strategic context Ordina

This is what we stand for: our core values

Our core values are what drive us. Our core values summarise what we stand for and how we do things. This Ordina DNA is part of every Ordina professional and ensures that we know our clients inside out and use our expertise, professionalism and talents on behalf of those clients.

We discover
From professionalism to being ahead in your field. We are curious and we are open to new developments. This helps us to identify opportunities and threats and find out what they mean. Every single day, we discover how to use our talent optimally, and how we can continue to develop our professional skills. So we can be ahead in our field and proactively help our clients stay ‘Ahead of change’.

We connect
From working together to accepting responsibility for the result. We are open-minded, inclusive and enterprising. This helps us make connections and build relationships. Based on collaboration in High performance teams, Ordina accepts responsibility for the result. Proactively connecting inside with outside and vice versa. To realise the optimum result. Win-win situations with the best possible result for every stakeholder.

We accelerate
From knowing our clients to providing them with a digital edge. We focus on clients and strive for quality. This helps us look ahead and help our clients to accelerate. To proactively develop the best solutions for clients based on our business propositions. Ambitious solutions that make a real difference, that truly help clients to gain a digital edge.