Business platforms

Get more out of secure and robust IT. Create added value with your business platforms.

Business platforms are crucial for organisations as they support the physical and digital processes, such as a retailer’s online sales process. A business platform is evolving all the time and must be continuously adapted to maintain high levels of performance, effectiveness and user satisfaction. Irrespective of whether the business platform is a complex bespoke application or a digital workspace, it must be accessible at all times.

Business platforms

Ordina makes the most of your business platforms. First: we ensure that they guarantee the continuity of your processes. Second: we optimise the IT strategy in order to take maximum advantage of technological possibilities, control costs and keep platforms up-to-date and profitable. Third: we ensure that your business platforms are versatile enough to move forward with your organisation and the ecosystem in which you operate. This is how we do it.

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  1. Simplify – The strategy to innovate and streamline business platforms. We look at ways to rationalise and simplify the business platforms with maximum focus on robustness, flexibility and futureproofing.
  2. Surround – The strategy to increase the agility and productivity of business platforms through rapid development using low-code, smart techniques such as RPA and facilitating integration with APIs. We accelerate the process, and build customer-specific solutions that set our customers apart in their markets.
  3. Innovate – This strategy bridges the gap between existing business platforms and new technologies, e.g. the cloud, integration with Internet of Things environments and the use of AI. We rapidly create added value by putting innovations to work in practice.
  4. Partners – Thanks to our extensive knowledge of (bespoke) applications and development methodologies, Ordina is the ideal partner for business platforms. We relieve the burden on our customers throughout the entire life cycle, from the building and implementation phases through to further development and system administration.

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How to get more out of robust, secure IT

Do you want to gain a competitive edge through business platforms, but don’t know what IT choices to make to achieve this? Tackle the challenge with the tried-and-true approach from Ordina.