Cybersecurity & Compliance

More secure and resilient each day. Digitisation without security or privacy concerns.

Growing security risks plus stringent legislation necessitate a proactive and ongoing approach to security and privacy. We improve our customers’ security and resilience with our integral approach, which combines technology and organisational issues with human aspects in what is known as the TOP (Technology, Organisation, People) model.

Security & privacy

We continuously enhance your security and resilience with an integrated approach that takes technology, organisational issues and personal aspects into account. We also take an agile approach, with flexible teams and specialised expertise geared towards your specific business priorities.

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  1. Technology – The robustness of a company’s IT landscape and networks is fundamental in order to provide optimal customer service and enable employees to work anytime and anywhere. That is why we provide insight into the threats and vulnerabilities, and implement suitable preventive, detective and corrective measures accordingly.
  2. Organisation – Supervisory bodies must be able to monitor and check an organisation’s processes. That is why our measures ensure that our customers take an integral approach to put them demonstrably in control and comply with the relevant legislation.
  3. People – Data leaks, privacy breaches and cases of identify fraud are often the result of employee negligence. Therefore, we create clear security frameworks and actively encourage our customers to handle data securely and lawfully.

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How to increase your security and resilience

Do you want to gain a competitive edge through a proactive approach to privacy and security, but don’t know what IT choices to make to achieve this? Tackle the challenge with Ordina’s tried-and-true approach.