Unleash the power of your data! Increase your impact, optimise the customer experience and introduce new business models.

Data is the key to success in the digital transition. It is the driving force behind innovation and determines distinctiveness. Organizations that do not use the power of data wisely run a high risk of losing clients, being overtaken by competitors or being replaced by new players with low-threshold digital solutions.

An Intelligent and Data-Driven Organization is able to actively multiply knowledge from the organization with knowledge from data. By applying this data-enriched knowledge intelligently at all levels of the organization and in all business processes, the organization is agile and able to excel in the increasingly digital world. As a result, they perform better and remain relevant.

Added value of an intelligent data-driven organization

  • Insight into complex issues
  • Accelerate business processes exponentially
  • Improved customer experience
  • New business models

Client case: How Port of Rotterdam Authority, Rijkswaterstaat and Ewals Cargo stay relevant through data

Havenbedrijf Rotterdam

To create an intelligent data-driven organization, use is made of various disciplines, such as Datascience, GEO-ICT and Supply Chain Optimization. Ordina has successfully deployed experienced professionals in these fields for various clients, such as Rijkswaterstaat and Ewals Cargo. Read more about how our professionals have helped these clients design and implement their Data Journey from their own fields of expertise.

The Ordina Data Journey

Ordina has developed a proven approach to help clients develop into an intelligent and data-driven organization. The Ordina Data Journey has 5 steps, which are completed with the client by means of workshops: determining objective and context, listing desired initiatives, working out the data journey, putting together the High-Performing Teams and undertaking the data journey.

The result: using data effectively

With our vast knowledge and experience in the field of data, we are able to find the ideal team and solution together with the client. Whether it concerns the accountability and performance of the organization, getting answers to complex data issues, gathering spatial insight, optimizing business processes, improving information management or coming up with new business models.

Ordina not only delivers the ideal team, but also has a proven approach in every required discipline, such as Datascience, GEO-ICT, supply chain management, business intelligence and semantic data management, to achieve the best possible result together with the client as quickly as possible.