Digital acceleration

Stay ahead of the game

Ordina connects organisations in the digital world with customers or employees through a wide range of technical options. These include intuitive websites, apps and other IT applications that are relevant and valuable to the target groups. This is what we call digital acceleration. How does it work? Like this.

Illustratie kernpropositie Digitale Acceleratie

Ordina takes the following steps to realise this digital acceleration.

  1. Value discovery – In value discovery, we combine our knowledge of technology and the customer to discover new applications and maximise business value. This involves applying the principles of design thinking: developing short-cycle prototypes, rapidly testing the added value for the customer and making iterative improvements until genuinely valuable innovations are achieved.
  2. Digital acceleration teams – We deploy digital acceleration teams to allow rapid execution of the prototypes/MVE/MVPs as well and to be able to scale up quickly. These digital acceleration teams are multidisciplinary coalitions of professionals who are accustomed to working together. They have a shared culture and sense of quality, and they are able to get results quickly.
  3. Activation – Successful digital acceleration depends on broad buy-in and enthusiastic users. That is why we guide all stakeholders step-by-step through the process of change. We also take the specific needs and potential resistances of various target groups into account. This allows us to create innovation that is built to last.

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Is digital acceleration for you?

Do you want to gain a competitive edge through digital acceleration, but don’t know what IT choices to make to get there? Ordina’s cutting-edge approach will allow you to tackle the challenge.