Digital acceleration

Stay ahead of the game

Digital acceleration revolves around staying ahead of change by taking a ‘smart’ approach to transformation spanning business, people and technology. When helping the customer to undergo digital and business transformation, at Ordina we not only consider business-related and technological aspects but also explore what the transformation means at a human level.

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Ordina takes the following steps to realise this digital acceleration.

  1. Value discovery – Our value discovery approach is based on a minimum viable context (MVC) at operational, tactical and strategic level, working towards the ideal combination of the business process, human aspect and technology to create added value for the customer. We also follow Design Thinking principles.
  2. Digital acceleration teams – We then deploy digital acceleration teams. These multidisciplinary high-performance teams (HPTs) enable us to quickly move from the MVC to the execution of prototypes, minimum viable experiences and minimum viable products and subsequently to scale up rapidly.
  3. Activation – We call the final step ‘sustainable activation’. Successful execution depends on broad ownership and enthusiastic users. The key to success lies in involving all the stakeholders in the plans right from the start and ensuring that there is a broad base of support for those digital acceleration plans.

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Is digital acceleration for you?

Do you want to gain a competitive edge through digital acceleration, but don’t know what IT choices to make to get there? Ordina’s cutting-edge approach will allow you to tackle the challenge.