Unleash the power of your data! Increase your impact, optimise the customer experience and introduce new business models.

We have noticed that companies are gaining access to huge volumes of data as a result of digitalisation, but it can be difficult for them to make effective use of so many different types of data. At Ordina, we help organisations to convert their data into valuable information and to utilise it as an accelerator to improve their own services or operational processes. These organisations perform better and remain relevant.

Intelligent data-driven organisations

As an intelligent data-driven organisation, you know exactly what is going on in your environment. Thanks to the data that you collect, you are able to recognise new needs in the marketplace and develop your organisation through the faster and more focussed deployment of this data in order to optimise processes and constantly add value to the service you provide to both employees and customers. But how can you make learning, evaluating and growing a part of your core business?

Three prerequisites

There are three prerequisites to creating an intelligent data-driven organisation. Ordina helps you to meet them without losing sight of cost control or privacy and security.

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  1. Capture & manage – by preparing an overview of relevant internal and external data sources, we ensure that the customer can gather the data and also make it accessible for the right people – either within the organisation or for customers.
  2. Analyse & gain insight – we offer solutions for analysing and visualising big data in order to discover new correlations and gain deeper insights into the customer’s business processes.
  3. Activate, optimise & innovate – we ensure that customers capitalise on opportunities by enriching their IT landscape with data-driven applications and self-learning systems.

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How to apply more data-driven management

Do you want to gain a competitive edge through more data-driven management, but not sure of what IT choices are needed to achieve this? Face the challenge together with Ordina and become an intelligent data-driven organisation. We can assist you in areas such as:

  • Advanced analytics
  • Metadata management
  • Data migration
  • Data-driven applications
  • Smart asset management