Our people make the difference daily

Engaged, driven employees

Only by working with the best people can we help our clients stay ahead of change in their sectors. This requires a sound business approach and driven Ordina employees who know the challenges in our sectors inside out. It is important that our people stay at the forefront of their profession and, in teams, offer added value to our clients. Therefore, we have career paths for talent that produce highly skilled IT  and business consultants who are recognised in the market for their expertise. We set the bar high, for ourselves and each other. With attractive client assignments that make the difference. We continually invest in a ‘great place to work’ based on fun, knowledge sharing and working together in teams. This helps us keep differentiating ourselves with our clients, but also in the labour market. Not only do we offer a broader career perspective this way, but we also increase the engagement of our employees. Through working in teams, they have the opportunity to learn from each other.

Attractive employer

At Ordina, we feel strongly about offering opportunities to young IT professionals, but the expertise of mid-level and senior IT professionals is equally important to ensure our teams are well-balanced.

Our people make the difference daily. To stay Ahead of Change, the development and retention of our employees is important. Training and development play a big part in this, through on-the-job training and coaching by managers. And, Ordina also provides a variety of training programmes in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg via the Ordina Academy.

It is very important to us that our employees are well-trained and that they continue to perform at their best in a fast-changing market. This is a constant focus of Ordina and we invest heavily in this. If employees are unable to keep developing themselves, they become less relevant in their field and lose touch with our clients. At Ordina, we really want to avoid this, not only from our own perspective, but also from a corporate social responsibility perspective.

Strong leadership is essential for the future of our company, which is why we invest greatly in this. One example of this is the second batch of promising employees who have just started the Ordina Talent Accelerator Programme; a two-year programme that challenges and prepares young talent for key positions in the future. In addition, we have several specific talent development programmes aimed at our managers, among others.

Diversity and inclusivity

People are different. And that is a good thing. It creates value and energy, which is why we attach great importance to diversity and inclusivity in everything we do: from recruitment to development, and the role we play in society.

Our way of working, in particular, in High-Performance Teams at our clients’ sites, also affirms the value of diversity. Every team is made up of a diverse mix of people from a wide range of backgrounds, with different experiences, personalities and any other form of diversity. This makes our HPTs so powerful and effective.

The various formal and informal communities at Ordina play an important role in cultivating connection and enriching our employees. These communities are set up by our employees and Ordina facilitates their gatherings and meetings. They are a way for people to connect, both online and in physical meetings, around a topic, a shared interest or sport.

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