Capital and shares

Share capital
The total number of ordinary shares outstanding equals 90,015,795. In addition, Ordina has issued one priority share. Each ordinary share is entitled to cast one vote. The priority share entitles the holder to cast five votes. The priority share is held by ‘Stichting Prioriteit Ordina Groep (‘Stichting Prioriteit’).’ For more information read our Articles of Association.

Disclosure of major holdings in Listed Companies
Within the framework of the Dutch act on the disclosure of major holdings in listed companies (Wet melding zeggenschap in ter beurze genoteerde vennootschappen), Ordina received the following notifications:

  • Capital interest 15% to 20%: Teslin Participaties Coöperatief UA
  • Capital interest 10% to 15%: Mont Cervin Sàrl
  • Capital interest 5% to 10%: Dimensional Fund Advisors, Moneta Asset Management
  • Capital interest 3% to 5%: Lazard Frères Gestion SAS
  • Voting interest 3% to 5%: Otus Capital Management Ltd.

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Dividend Policy

Ordina has a transparent dividend policy. Depending on the estimated scope of the (existing and/or expected) cash position, Ordina pays out between 40% and 60% of the net profit in a reporting year as dividend.

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