Financial services

Ordina helps banks and insures with their digital transition

Thanks to digitalisation, the financial sector is more dynamic than it has ever been. Due to the use of new technologies, it is now possible to improve services and to make interactions with consumers more targeted and more personal. At the same time, customers’ expectations just keep on getting higher due to these technologies. Via tailor-made products and services, they want digital communications with their banks to be smooth and simple. Banks, insurers, mortgage lenders and financial sector players are now focusing heavily on mobile applications that are both user friendly and intuitive.

Compliance and security

In addition to ongoing digitalisation, the financial sectors in the Netherlands and Belgium/Luxembourg are faced with ever stricter requirements in the field of compliance and security. Not only do financial institutions have to comply with legislation and regulations; they also need to devote attention to the security of their applications and robust (risk) controls. Their existing IT infrastructure needs to be robust to guarantee that payment transactions run smoothly and to respond effectively to the numerous new forms of (cyber) crime. At the same time, existing financial institutions are confronted with increasing competition from the likes of FinTech, retail firms and technology companies. Cheaper, more flexible and more relevant FinTech is being used to create new products and distribution possibilities that increase efficiency and improve client experience. To achieve these goals, financial institutions are turning more and more to far-reaching automation (such as IT4IT and robotics), cloud solutions, innovations like blockchain and low-code platforms.

Ordina deployed a number of High performance teams to develop mobile apps for VGZ and is helping the health insurer to set up a chatbot.

Ordina and financial services

Ordina helps banks and insurers to make their digital transition on the basis of co-creation and strategic partnerships. Last year, Ordina carried out various assignments for clients in the financial sector. For instance, Ordina deployed a number of High performance teams to develop mobile apps for VGZ and is helping the health insurer to set up a chatbot and to design a cloud environment. One great example of a new application is the Zorgzoeker app (healthcare finder app) built using the Mendix low-code platform. It helps insurance policy holders to pick the right healthcare provider for them. Ordina carried out a strategic exercise at a Belgian insurer on the use of (electric) bikes and the link with mobility, health and the environment. For KAS BANK, Ordina developed a new platform for buying and selling investment funds on the basis of blockchain. Please see page 40 for a description of this project. On the data front, Ordina has developed a Business Intelligence solution for a bank. By combining data from various organisational units, this solution has optimised processes and enables the bank to use data reports to identify and assess commercial opportunities. At another bank, Ordina carried out two migrations in the mortgage domain, migrating the portfolio to the bank’s standard back office application.