Ordina helps clients seize innovation opportunities and helps clients navigate change in the healthcare sector

Ordina has a very solid reputation in Belgium on the research, development, production and logistics of medicines front and this has resulted in the very strong presence of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and bio-tech (Life Sciences) companies.

Ordina Belgium/Luxembourg is active in every crucial link in the Life Sciences chain: R&D, production and sale. Ordina’s high profile in the Life Sciences is primarily due to the specialised compliance services we offer to help our clients comply with the very strict legislation that applies to activities and IT systems related to research, production and logistics for medicines. Thanks to this expertise, Ordina is able to offer combined services in collaboration with other Ordina business units, such as regulated software development and infrastructure services, and software robots that comply with GxP (Good Manufacturing, Distribution, Laboratorium, Practices). This combination of experience and expertise in Life Sciences regulations and Ordina’s IT and business services makes us a unique service provider in this sector.

Digital platforms

The most significant development in the current Life Sciences market is the advent of digital platforms aimed at providing support for clinical studies. These platforms enable Life Sciences companies to accelerate the development of their medicines by running more efficient studies and providing patients with better guidance, using medical apps for instance. They can also provide their doctors with better information during their research into new medicines. These platforms have led to strong digital acceleration in the Life Sciences sector and have enabled new forms of collaboration between Life Sciences companies, hospitals and patients. Ordina can provide these companies with the full range of digital platform products and services: design, development of apps, testing and validation of relevant legislation, together with data science services.

Ordina developed and validated an advanced track & trace system to track down fake medicines.

Dutch healthcare market

The cooperation between healthcare organisations and Ordina in the Netherlands is marked by a combination of extensive healthcare-related expertise and more technical IT expertise and skills, which enable Ordina to understand the primary processes and translate this knowledge into the right requirements for the sector. In addition to this, Ordina has a great deal of in-house change-related competencies and many years of experience in the field of business operations and strategy definition in the healthcare sector. Thanks to our drive, professionalism and proactive approach, we have managed to make a good impression on our clients at operational, tactical and strategic levels.

Care-market and social domain

In the years ahead, Ordina will focus primarily on the care market and the social domain within the healthcare sector. The most significant developments in the Dutch healthcare market are pressure on healthcare budgets, the shortage of personnel in the labour market and the changing needs of patients and clients. Ordina can provide healthcare institutions with guidance and effective advice to help them navigate these market trends. On top of this, we have the social trend to have people live independently in their own homes for as long as possible and to not resort to specialist care immediately if more basic healthcare provisions are sufficient. This offers Ordina the chance to facilitate innovation opportunities and to guide change processes in the healthcare sector.

Projects in 2018

Ordina realised a number of projects in the Belgian Life Sciences sector last year. For example, we developed and validated an advanced track & trace system to track down fake medicines. We also built an innovative tracking system for the worldwide distribution of medicines. But we also provided services related to quality controls and business process optimisation projects in production and laboratory departments and monitoring and advice for software companies on new legislation related to fake medicines. In addition to this, Ordina was responsible for the full quality control of digital platforms that are used for the research and development of new medicines. Ordina also executed projects for clients in the healthcare sector in the Netherlands and Belgium in the field of staff deployment through the implementation of capacity planning and the supervision of the flexible deployment of staff. On the back of changes in legislation, Ordina also did a lot of work for clients on the privacy front. And we executed a number of projects in the field of making operating processes smarter and integrated business processes in healthcare institutions.