Ordina helps clients with innovative services and applications

The digital era offers the industrial sector new opportunities to both increase productivity and to carve out new markets and forge surprising alliances. IT innovations are helping to create new business models, more intensive client contacts and sustainable business operations. Ordina believes this requires clear choices: for centralised management of IT projects, for agile working methods and for multi-disciplinary High performance teams that prepare organisations for the long term. Ordina provides its clients with innovative services and applications with its five business propositions.

Ordina and the industrial sector

In the year under review, Ordina was involved in interesting and exciting projects for a number of clients in the industrial sector. These projects involved a number of developments that we believe will gain in importance in the years ahead.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables companies to automate simple and routine work processes. These include processes for the likes of financial reporting or invoicing, but also major data migrations. For instance, Ordina developed a software robot for telecom provider VodafoneZiggo, which accelerated the processing of applications for telephone and internet connections from the business sector to 10 minutes from seven and half hours.

IT in the cloud

A growing number of companies are migrating their information systems to the cloud to accelerate their digital transformation and to cut management costs. On the basis of its Business platforms proposition, Ordina is currently offering industry clients ERP Simplify and ERP Surround, which help companies to simplify their IT landscape. And if clients need new functionalities quickly, then Ordina offers ERP Surround-based agile solutions via low-code platforms Mendix or Outsystems. Ordina is currently helping Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport and the Port of Rotterdam in this development.

Ordina developed a software robot for telecom provider VodafoneZiggo, which accelerated the processing of applications for telephone and internet connections from the business sector to 10 minutes from seven and half hours.

VR and AR

Companies are also seeing the value of applications in the fields of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), in combination with artificial intelligence (AI). Both technologies have now matured to the extent that we are seeing the development of all kinds of business applications. These include applications in the field of training and education. Nedap worked with Ordina on the successful development of a solution using a Holo-lens. This is an excellent example of our business proposition Digital acceleration. Please see page 14 for a description of this project.

Digital experience

Thanks to the use of various digital channels, companies can now gain a better understanding of their clients and consequently serve them more effectively. Using service design and analytics and good user experience, organisations can offer their clients the right client experience and increase client loyalty. Ordina has a great deal of experience in the field of digital client experience. Clockwork, Ordina’s digital engagement bureau, developed digital platforms for various clients in 2018.

Data-driven organisations

Data is the new gold, but how do companies handle the avalanche of data they gather and how can they use this data in a smart and responsible manner? Ordina helps companies to develop data-driven applications and self-learning systems. For example, Ordina is helping the Port of Rotterdam to realise its ambition to be the smartest port in the world thanks to Pronto, an application that maximises the efficiency of port visits and by doing so results in a massive reduction of the CO2 emitted by vessels entering and leaving the port. Another example is the Quintiq solution that Ordina has implemented for a Belgian client in the food sector aimed at streamlining the planning processes for various operating entities. Ordina also developed an application for ProRail that gives the Dutch rail network operator an automated overview of which rolling stock is carrying what load and where they are located in the railway yard in Rotterdam’s Botlek area. Please see page 45 for a description of this project.

Security & privacy

In 2018, Ordina helped various clients to increase their security and resilience using an integrated approach, incorporating technology, organisational issues and staff aspects. This included pen testing, threat analyses, digital identification, vulnerability scans and monitoring & analytics. But we also helped make sure organisations complied with the requirements of the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).