Public sector

Ordina is helping to shape the digital society

The digitalisation of society is creating new opportunities for public sector organisations in the Netherlands and Belgium, but also involves a number of complex challenges. What do they need to do to protect personal data? How does the public sector guarantee that everyone can continue to participate in a digital society? And how does the public sector make sure that everyone has access to and understands its services? To address these challenges, the Dutch government is investing in multi-channel communications, data-driven operating procedures, a high-grade cloud environment and digital security.

Multi-channel communications

To create a multi-channel communications environment, the government is building on existing facilities to improve its services and make them more personal. One example is the modernisation of government portals, creating a single contact point for people to conduct all their personal business with the government. NL DIGIbeter, the collective digital agenda of all public sector bodies, describes how the Dutch government plans to digitalise society in the years ahead and make its contacts with both citizens and businesses smarter, more accessible and more personal.

Data-driven operating methods

To operate in a data-driven manner, the public sector will use the likes of big data, artificial intelligence, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and data-driven working methods. This will allow the public sector to improve the likes of anti-fraud activities and identity data checks and to automate more processes.

Ordina has the right expertise to help national, regional and local public sector bodies to realise their digital ambitions.

Cloud environment

Creating a more flexible and adaptable public sector will require the modernisation and opening up of data platforms. This would be possible if, for instance, the government opts for an effective cloud environment in the execution and support of IT systems. At the same ime, we need to be able to guarantee the continuity of important public sector tasks and the security of personal and business data.

Ordina and the public sector

Ordina has the right expertise to help national, regional and local public sector bodies to realise their digital ambitions. We know how to make organisations data-driven and how to optimise basic systems. Our multi-disciplinary High performance teams achieve relevant innovations in a very short space of time.

Demand for High performance teams

In 2018, Ordina was successful in the public sector market, building on the solid basis provided by previously closed framework agreements. We realised a number of successful projects for various ministries and other government bodies in both the Netherlands and Belgium. We also extended an existing framework contract with the EU. Our High performance teams are an excellent fit with the new working methods in the public sector. If we compare today’s situation with the past, major IT projects are no longer the norm and the public sector now opts more frequently for small-scale projects. These are realised in multi-disciplinary teams that use agile and DevOps working methods to create a great deal of added value. For instance, we have deployed a large number of Ordina’s High performance teams at the Dutch national police force to accelerate digitalisation across the organisation. And another High performance team has developed the Central Vegetation Databank for Bij12, an executive body for regional authorities on the conservation front. In addition to the above-mentioned framework agreements and High performance teams, Ordina delivered data security services to various central and decentral public sector organisations, including ministries and independent administrative bodies. Finally, Ordina is set to deliver an automation solution for the planning of customs checks for the Dutch Tax Office on the basis of the business proposition Intelligent data-driven organisations. On the basis of this sizeable project and maintenance contract, Ordina will be a significant partner for the Dutch Tax Office for the next eight years.