Webinar Field Service Planning

Make a difference as an employer with smart and flexible employee & resource scheduling software

02 Nov 2022 16:00 - 17:00 Online

Why you need a Field Service Planning solution

The need for flexibility and productivity remains as high as ever. Nevertheless, labor shortages and increasingly discerning employees require organizations to be smarter and more flexible with workforce planning.

For many organizations, it is becoming increasingly necessary to better align employees, resources and work. High employee turnover leads to higher recruitment and training costs, lower satisfaction and employee engagement. This has negative implications for customer service.

That’s where self-rostering comes in. Self-rostering offers employees the opportunity to exert more influence on their own working hours.

With a smart and flexible Field Service Planning solution you as an employer can make the difference.

Ordina Field Service Planning

Scheduling employees with diverse experiences and competencies is a complex puzzle. Especially when your people work externally at your customers’ premises, as home care workers, installers, technicians, security personnel, etc. needing specific equipment? How do you plan each field service employee as efficiently as possible, while considering the needs and wishes of your people and your customers?

Ordina Field Service Planning is a scalable, digital solution for scheduling tasks on-site. Using concrete examples and experiences, you will discover how to cope with your complex planning puzzle.

Webinar Field Service Planning

During this webinar, we will explain the benefits of Ordina Field Service Planning.

Don’t hesitate any longer. You are bound to get inspiration for your business.

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