Webinar | Food Production and Packaging

Let’s talk about balancing your responsiveness and efficiency!
Improve with better planning and scheduling

23 Jun 2021 16:00 - 16:45 Online

COVID-19 taught us that nothing is predictable. Markets where demand and supply used to be stable, suddenly become volatile. The food production and packaging industry is impacted by declining export results, higher production costs due to the need for (corona) protection material, more expensive raw materials, higher transportation costs and absence of staff. Consumers like the flexibility of e-commerce services, and are even more demanding.

The key to a healthy organization is investing in digital transformation to make you more resilient.

A collaborative planning and scheduling solution helps you deal with your business challenges which makes you more responsive in the most efficient way. It’s a tool to make the trade-offs between use of stock materials, production capacity, resources, responsiveness and flexibility. A solution that allows you to make the right decisions, based on feasible plans, both on a tactical and an operational level.

Can you relate? Smart technology meets your challenges related to collaborative advanced planning.
Discover how digital production planning improves your delivery performance, makes optimal use of your machinery, reduces costs and waste, sharpens your decision-making and, above all, satisfies your customers.

Let’s talk about your responsiveness and efficiency with improved planning and scheduling

About the webinar

We will share our insights on market trends for food production ans packaging companies. Planning and scheduling experts will show you concrete business cases of various customers based on DELMIA Quintiq and DELMIA Ortems software. You will get insight to the benefits of improved planning and scheduling capabilities. We trust that you will learn and can relate to this in your specific operation (for example dealing with setup times, capacity constraints, ad hoc disturbances, etc.).


16:00 – 16:10       Industry trends and business challenges
16:10 – 16:35       Advanced planning decision support use cases & reference stories
16:35 – 16:45       Q&A. and Wrap-up


Can’t make it on the June 23 or do you prefer a personal chat? Feel free to contact us.