Virtual Currencies: Hype or real business?

24 april 2014 - 14:30 tot 19:00
- Ordina Nieuwegein

logo Bitonic

Ordina and Bitonic presents the second Bitcoin session. Hot topics and interesting speakers! 
Please join us on April 24 to learn more on business cases from Bitcoin entrepreneurs, online merchants working with Bitcoin, and on why leading VC funds are investing today.


  • What is Bitcoin really? By Patrick Savalle, serial entrepreneur, speaker and author on crypto currencies.
  • Why VC funds invest and who are the companies providing the Bitcoin building blocks? By Pamir Gelenbe, Partner at Hummingbird Ventures and organizer of www.coinsumm.it.
  • Who orders a pizza with Bitcoins? By Jitse Groen, Ceo Thuisbezorgd.nl & Takeaway.com.
  • How easy is it for merchants to work with Bitcoins? By Jouke Hofman, founder Bitonic, leading Dutch Bitcoin pioneer.
  • Panel Debate, hosted by Lykle de Vries. Between Tuur Demeester (Bitcoin economist), Kees de Kort (BNR journalist, commentator, economist) & Pamir Gelenbe.