Bouvet BizTalk Innovation Event

Together with Steef-Jan Wiggers, Sandro Pereira, Nino Crudele, Saravana Kumar and host Tord Glad Nordahl, I will do a presention at the Bouvet BizTalk Innovation Event

  • Lex Hegt
  • 19 juni 2012

which will be held on 26th and 27th September at Bouvet's office in Stavanger, Norway!
During my presentation I will tell about the added value of Message Flow Monitoring over Endpoint Monitoring. Further I'll show how Message Flow Monitoring is implemented in BizTalk360.
The program looks as follows:
 09:00 Registration
 09:30 Introduction
 10:30 Pause
 10:45 Steef-Jan Wiggers: Adapter Pack Integration Capabilities (BizTalk)
 12:00 Lunch
 13:00 Sandro Pereira: Introduction to the Azure Service Bus EAI/EDI features.
 13:45 Pause
 14:00 Tord Glad Nordahl: Throttling/& Thresholds
 14:45 Pause
 15:00 Saravana Kumar: Using BizTalk360
 15:45 Lex Hegt: Message Flow Monitoring BizTalk 360
 16:00 Pause
 16:15 Nino Crudele: BizTalk assessment and architecture review
 17:00 Tord Glad Nordahl: Wrap up – Road map BizTalk Next
 17:30 Finish
 20:00 Dinner
 09:00 Startup
 09:30 Labs
 11:30 Lunch
 12:30 Labs
 15:30 Finish
I want to thank Tord and has company Bouvet for their hospitality and for giving me the opportunity to do a presentation.
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Off course this BizTalk event is added on http://www.biztalkevents.com/.


Over de auteur:

Lex Hegt

Lex is gespecialiseerd in het integreren van informatiesystemen op basis van Microsoft technologie en dan met name BizTalk Server. Van tijd tot tijd schrijft hij artikelen over wat hij zoal in het veld tegenkomt.