Real World Scenarios with BizTalk 360

During the Bouvet BizTalk Innovation Event, 26/27 September 2012 in Stavanger, Norway, there were 2 presentations about BizTalk360. One was held by Saravana Kumar, the founder of BizTalk360, and I did another presentation about this product.

  • Lex Hegt
  • 12 oktober 2012

Bouvet BizTalk Innovation Event

Where Saravana showed many functionalities, including the new V5 functionalities, from BizTalk360 from a Product perspective, I wanted it to turn around and have a look at BizTalk360 from a Customer perspective. Therefore I talked about some Real World scenarios with BizTalk360.
In addition to my presentation I wrote an article on this topic and extended it with describing the most important functionalities in V5, which was released recently.

In the article I explain why having a Shared Infrastructure, like BizTalk, makes monitoring more complex. I also describe how BizTalk360 reduces the number of consoles you need to monitor a BizTalk environment.
To expand the visibility from BizTalk360, I posted the article on CodeProject. You can find it here: 

More information about BizTalk360, can be found here:


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Lex Hegt

Lex is gespecialiseerd in het integreren van informatiesystemen op basis van Microsoft technologie en dan met name BizTalk Server. Van tijd tot tijd schrijft hij artikelen over wat hij zoal in het veld tegenkomt.