Change the rules of changing the rules

Accelerate tech for the mass.

  • Richard van Tilborg
  • 12 mei 2014

These time many kickstarter project or other seemly innovate things are rumoring us every day: Google Glass, drones, virtual reality, augmented reality swallowables, hackables etc. etc. But when we look back in the history the concept of Google Glass was invented already in 1980 by Steve Mann and IBM had in 1991 a remarkable the same looking device as Google Glass. Virtual reality implementations at NASA in 1980 or other projects like the CAVEKnightrider had a smartwatch and a selfdriving car years ago. Star trek had tablets from the beginning. Technology implanted in our body, exist over decades, a pacemaker was implanted already in 1958…


The main difference now is that the technology has become more payable, smaller and quicker. This causes quick changes, many concepts thought of decades ago now become available to the mass. But how fast will this go? Some people say we have to slow it down to think everything over (privacy, ethics, regulation etc. etc) before proceeding. But the concepts exist for a long time, why aren’t there any solutions thought of already? Maybe because we cannot imagine and predict how it will go…? Should a solution be to just go ahead with the technology and applications and form and adapt the privacy, ethics and regulations along the way (agile laws)? But changing regulation and laws does take a long time, many procedures and process have to handled, so undetermined and delaying periods will exist. Maybe the solution is to change the rules of changing the rules…?