We offer

  • hybrid working, i.e.50%in the office and 50% from home;
  • training opportunities that are not limited by a fixed budget; 
  • flexible working hours and an immediate indefinite contract; 
  • 20 vacation days and in addition 4.7% of your salary to be fill in flexibly; 
  • a mobility budget that matches your way of travelling. 

Your talent and skills

  • a BSc or MSc degree in computer science or similar;
  • at least 3 years of relevant work experience; 
  • experience with enterprise software development in the Java ecosystem (Scala, Kotlin); 
  • a conviction of the benefits of functional programming. 

The challenge

To work as a team to develop secure, scalable and robust applications with the deployment of cloud technologies. You help customers realize enterprise software solutions in the Java ecosystem. You will work on socially relevant themes, such as sustainability and security. So you and your team can make a meaningful impact every day.

This is the job for you

  • you work together with dedicated developers; 
  • you share your knowledge with the community; 
  • you visit (inter)national conferences .

This is you

You want to be among the best in your field, always get the best out of yourself and closely follow new developments. you are constantly looking for new insights, setting up new initiatives or finding ways to keep growing. You do this not only for yourself, but also because you enjoy sharing your knowledge with your colleagues.

Where will you work

At Ordina Codestar we love our job: writing clean code that works. Because at the end of the day, only the code counts. we program in Scala, Typescript, JavaScript and Kotlin. we are multilingual and not afraid to learn new languages. Every friday we meet to exchange knowledge, we work on project and our own R&D. Every month we finish this day with beer, pizza and boardgames.