Business themes and business propositions


In environments that are changing ever more rapidly, existing organisations and business models can find themselves under increasing pressure. New market entrants who know how to deal with this pressure can and do fundamentally change market dynamics. This is why it is so important for companies and institutions to recognise and seize the opportunities offered by technological innovations as quickly as possible. The success factors in this effort are the utilisation of the organisation’s own innovative potential, connecting people and organisations with intuitive technologies, plus the secure and robust implementation of innovations. This is where Ordina plays a vital role.

Innovative strength

It is extremely important for companies to increase their innovative strength and Ordina helps them do just that. We deploy specialists with the right know-how in new technologies, methods and operating processes. And we do this with the help of dynamic working methods such as agile, DevOps, scrum and co-creation with chain partners. We put together teams that combine young talents with experienced professionals, which not only leads to knowledge transfer but also boosts our own innovative potential. This is how Ordina increases its own innovative strength through the deployment of people, methods and technology.

Intuitive technology

End-users want to stay in control of IT applications via technology that feels intuitive. This requires lots of attention to design and user experience in the flexible and scalable integration of new technical possibilities. We connect people, organisations, information sources and devices using technology that works intuitively and we do this in such a way that all actions can be data-driven.

Secure and robust

Technological innovation should never in any way endanger the continuity and robustness of existing systems. We safeguard that continuity during the innovation project. We establish a responsible link between innovation and legacy by protecting all existing systems and data. This is how we continuously make sure that the systems and data are secure and robust.

Ordina group unites behind five clear propositions

Ordina has built its recognisable go-to-market approach based on five clear business propositions: the deployment of High performance teams, the development of Intelligent data-driven organisations, our offering to accelerate operating processes via Digital acceleration, the creation, maintenance and continued development of Business platforms and how we are able to provide assurance on the Security and privacy front.

These propositions are Ordina’s response to significant market trends and developments and are fully aligned with our powerful combined range of expertise, based on a combination of tried and tested solutions and innovations developed right across the company. These propositions are the result of close cooperation between Ordina employees working in highly effective, multi-disciplinary teams. This is how we retain full control and responsibility for the projects we execute. Plus, this approach creates the maximum long-term value for our clients and makes projects all the more interesting for Ordina.

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