Annual report

In its 2019 annual report, Ordina presents the results for the past year and provides an account of its financial performance.

Foreword by the Management Board

Ordina had a great year in 2019. Our clients and our people are enthusiastic about the strategic direction we have chosen to take. This is also clear from the results of the surveys we once again conducted last year. Our commercial successes are having an infectious effect on both the organisation itself and the market. We still have plenty of work to do, because we have raised the bar high with Ordina 2022. But 2019 has given us plenty of leads to build on in the coming years. And the results of our strategy are clearly visible in the improved profitability of our company. We are very proud of all our colleagues together with whom we worked so hard to achieve this!

Key figures and five-year overview

Ordina presents its main figures 2019.

About Ordina

The steady rise of digitalisation means that the pace of change is now incredibly rapid and getting faster. Our clients have to respond quickly to changes in their market to make sure that they build or maintain a sustainable edge in the market. At Ordina, we are used to looking ahead to stay ahead of changes for our clients, thanks in part to our business propositions. Our pay-off – Ordina, Ahead of change – is a clear expression of our ambition to help our clients stay ahead of the changes in their business.

Client cases

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable operations are part of Ordina’s DNA. This determines how we do business and how we deal with our stakeholders. We use a broad definition of sustainability: it means adding as much value as possible for all our stakeholders, whether that pertains to our own operating activities or elsewhere in the value chain. It means we do our utmost to improve our performance in areas where we, as a company, have a significant social or environmental impact.

Financial statements 2019

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Annual report 2019

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